Comprehensive care accounting for micro, small and large companies.

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HR and payroll

Comprehensive care in the field of employee settlements.

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Virtual Office

We offer a service associated with running a virtual secretariat.

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Details of the offer with our consultants - 58 350 99 20

Our offer


We provide complete accountancy services. We provide complete accountancy services for order books and basic accounting. We perform all the duties the accountant is supposed to fulfill. We do not offer any sarvices as bonuses as a free bonus ( all services adverised as free bonuses in other accountancy offices are provided in our accounting services as a standard).

We enjoy our work – our team are accounting enthusiasts. With our services the problem of accounting does not exist, we will do it for you. Our job is to help those who hate bookkeping.

HR and payroll

We offer professional human resources and payroll services. The service is included in a complete accountancy or can be provided as a seperate human resources and payroll outsourcing service. We provide a complete human resource service. Our goal is to solve all the client's problems and fulfill all duties connected with human resources issues. We flexibly adjust our offer and price to the clients' needs.

We support young companies and adjust our offer and price to individual needs.

virtual office

In our range of services we offer virtual office.

The service allows the registration our client's office at our address, receipt of the client's correspondence and sending scans by email to our client.

The service is dedicated to our regular clients who use our basic accountancy or human resources services.

Dedicated solutions

We are breaking the stereotype of the accountant profession. In our work we attach importance to comprehensive development of our skills and knowledge, prospects of creating relationships with our clients and take up ambitious challenges. Thanks to our 12- year experience apart from accountancy outsourcing services we offer professional dedicated services. Our continuous improvement of our skills and qualifications together with our passion for accountancy enables us to take up new challenges. These are so called special tasks which we specialise in and are eager to undertake.

due diligence

Due diligence is a proces of a thorough review of the functioning of the company. Not only is it in analysis of current situation of the company but also during ownership transformation such as privatisation, merger or acquisition transactions. Due dilligence is an objective review of the situation of the company meant to indicate its strengths and weaknesses to draw attention to possible risks.

Human Resources Audit

Human resources audit is a thorough review of documentation and procedures connected with human resources policy of the company.

We the offer review of human resources documentation, among others, such as:

  • Recording of timesheets ( e.g. in terms of compliance with the Labour Code, emloyment regulations or providing the information about the core terms and conditions of employment and so on),
  • personal documentation, especially in terms of accompliance with applicable law,
  • job contracts, issued employment certificate, health and safety trainings and so on,
  • Regulamin Wynagradzania, Regulamin ZFŚS, Polityka bezpieczeństwa danych osobowych, Formularze dokumentacji kadrowej (Formularze - Nowy pracownik, Formularze - ZUS),
  • documents and human resources regulations: Employment Regulations, Remuneration Rules, Company Social Benefits Fund Rules, personal data security and privacy policy, human resources documents

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tax audit

Dou you have any doubts about your tax solutions? Or maybe just to keep a pease of mind you want to make sure that your accountant interprets tax regulations correctly? Choose tax audit- we will thoroughly verify your tax books within short time period and indicate possible risks and problems.

Tax audit consists in periodical review of correctness of determinig object and basis of taxation and correctness of classifying events in terms of tax regulations. Detecting possible irregularities will prevent you from financial penalties imposed by tax authorities.

While conducting tax audit we will verify correctness of determining tax liabilities and payments to the state.

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Emergency Accounting Assistance

The idea of this service is to provide assistance to companies in unexpected situations when the chief accountant, Human Resources specialist or accountancy office are not able fulfill their duties.

The most frequent cases when companies turn to us for emergency accounting assistance are:

  • lack of qualified staff due to rotation of employees or unexpected events,
  • failure of accounting or human resources and pay roll software used in company,
  • wcomplications and errors appearing while implementing new software,
  • specific problems appearing due to accounting irregularities and irregularities in financial statements, tax records or human resources and payroll issues,
  • demand for creating accounting or human resources and payroll service model using IT tools,
  • Supervision over implementation of new accounting software in the client's company.

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About us

We are young and enthusiastic team of accountancy professionals and good coffee lovers. Our work is our passion. Our team is a group of positive young women who are highly qualified experts with great professional experience. Our goal is to solve problems not create them. We have 12-year experience in accountancy and we are happy to share it with our clients.

Our company is 12 years of interesting experiences and challenges. From the very beginning we have attached great importance to creating good realationships with clients and to support young companies to take their first steps on the market.

To find out more about us pleas drop in for a cup of delicious coffee. You will learn some interesting facts and we will tailor the offer to your individual business needs and financial possibilities.



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